Good People

I’ve been seeing a number of similar situations lately, in which public use of racial slurs or speech that is degrading to women is used more openly and with more conviction than I’ve ever before experienced.

Whether this is the result of this tasteless election or not, the behavior needs to stop.

Good parenting teaches good boys to grow up and be good men. Though, this concept of “good” men, “good” women, or “good” people became a misnomer for me this past weekend.

My parents raised me to believe that the right thing to do when someone acts belligerent is to walk away; that violence isn’t the answer. In this case though, where the belligerence becomes a racial slur or disrespectful to the women present, I have never walked away feeling such a strong conviction that I was doing the wrong thing.

Honestly, I felt I had failed by not standing up, not speaking out, and not raising a fist to defend the good values of racial tolerance, cultural respect, sexual equality, and equal opportunities for all identities I know are right.

I walked away from that fight, and in doing so became a bad person. In that moment, there was not a single person in the world better equipped and more aptly qualified to stop those negative ideologies in their tracks.

I have words for that individual and any individual like him that may ever speak out in such an offensive and ignorant way from this day forward:

I will not tolerate it. The good voices will no longer be silent.

I have been blessed with this platform, and through it I have the power to change the world. Step one will be releasing your name to the public. Step two will be a maelstrom of social media “tar and feathers” the likes of which an insignificant soul like yours should not, would not, and could not survive. I will release the full power of the internet upon you. You will learn your lesson, and you will apologize until your throat is sore and your negative will is broken.

You are on the wrong side of history. The good people will win. Social justice will prevail.

Ben GarvesComment