Hi Texas. Ben Garves here. Many of you have seen me out and about on the campaign trail, chasing equality in jobs, education, and healthcare. It has, wholeheartedly, been an honor to be involved and so warmly welcomed into your lives.

That being said, I have reached a place where I need to withdraw from this election. For so many reasons, this has been a very difficult decision for me to make, and I hope you understand the gravity with which I make it.

The reality of American politics faces an under-voiced majority against an over-voiced and incredibly wealthy few. I am a middle-class employee, making a middle-class wage, and living in a nation where the opportunity to make your voice heard in the political realm is one only offered to those who can afford to take a year off from their jobs to campaign.

Like hundreds of millions of Americans out there, I can't yet. And if I cannot give you my one hundred percent, I would be doing a disservice to you by giving you less.

I have hope that my primary opponent, Kathi Thomas, will have the tenacity and charisma to not only get elected, but also the honesty and commitment it takes make the changes we need in our election system to remove the unbalanced impact and influence of corporations and the wealthy on our politics.

In a time where social, racial, and economic justice are under daily attack, it is more important now, than ever, we find it in ourselves to unify over what is most important to us. Kathi has put in the work, and shown time and time again her deepest concern for working class families in our state.

This is not a divide between a new and an established democratic party, but one strong, unified progressive movement working together for change.

I am endorsing Kathi, along with Derrick Crowe in the Texas 21st and Beto O'Rourke for US Senate. As a political operative, I will be in the background ensuring the success of these three campaigns, and many down-ballot races for state legislature, city councils, and school boards across out state.

The power of progressive values comes from the people, and I am dedicated to building our movement from the ground, up.

I have a special place in my heart for those who have donated time, effort, and money, counseled me, and helped grow me now only as a candidate, but as a person over these last few months.

In DC last week, I had the amazing opportunity to hear from Senator Elizabeth Warren. She talked about how honored and humbled she is by the thousands of three or four-dollar donations her campaign receives every year. Each of those three dollar donations represent someone's hopes and dreams that their fight for equal opportunity can be based on their merit, and never again on their gender, or race, or sexual identity.

Those three dollars represent the last three dollars many of these people have to spend. Three dollars that could've gone toward diapers, or student debt, or the food for their tables.

They took their last three dollars and spent it on a dream. A hope. A wish. It's an investment in the idea that someone out there will fight for them and their life story. My heart is full of love and compassion for those who have invested in their dream through me.




Ben Garves