Photo by  Dmitry Sovyak  on  Unsplash

Photo by Dmitry Sovyak on Unsplash

Separation of church and state

We must find acceptance in allowing for inherent human morality and values to flourish in our government, as intended in the constitution. This means continuing to protect the Constitution’s separation of church and state.

The electorate retains the power to elect individuals with similar moral ideals and interests, but a spiritual parallel can exist without moral synchronicity, and vice versa. This means voting for an individual of shared faith does not mean it is an indicator that individual shares your beliefs when it comes to pacifism, evangelism, racism, classism, etc., and said individual then proffers the possibility of alienation for other individuals whose rights may then be infringed upon.

Common values, such as a drive for the success and equality of all humankind can be found independent of religious belief, and therefore a national religion is not needed in order to ensure sound, humane ideals are the backbone of our democracy and policy decisions.