Progressive Values

There is a rebirth occurring in the Democratic Party, springing from the ashes of a disheartening 2016 election. This “Democratic Spring” is finding that the messages of unity and hope of the Obama Era will long out-power and out-last any divisive and scare tactic rhetoric that followed.

As a movement, and as a new generation of politicians, Neo Democrats believe we are here to achieve together what we cannot achieve as individuals, and that liberal, conservative, libertarian, or otherwise, we all believe in the power and goodness of humankind and our drive to leave a better world than the one we were brought into.

These values, along with our inalienable rights, should bring Americans of all political ideas together in a shared cause of human compassion, and should no longer be given the power to divide us.

We believe America faces numerous difficult topics we must be open to discussing with open eyes, minds, and hearts. A failure to begin to address these will only result in further divisive partisanship and contentious rhetoric:

·       Racial, ethnic, and cultural diversity in America

·       Executive overreach

·       The federal debt

·       Healthcare as a human right

·       Letting science shape our worldview

·       Understanding and protecting sexual orientation

·       Government overreach on laws over the human body

·       Separation of church and state