Photo by  Alice Pasqual  on  Unsplash

Photo by Alice Pasqual on Unsplash

Federal Debt

We are in a critical age with regards to the federal debt. Not only do we continue down a path of spiraling federal spending, but we have also misappropriated spending on ineffective and inefficient programs that continue to cost the taxpayers more and more each year without providing investment into the programs that innovate and grow our economy.

Placing our national credit in at risk not only puts us in danger of a tremendous future cost of borrowing money, but also puts us at the financial beck and call of creditor nations such as Luxembourg, Japan, Germany, the Netherlands, and China.

It is important we begin the process of making good on the moneys we have taken and re-appropriate funds to the causes and programs where we will see the most economic output result. These programs are things like education, scientific research, streamlining infrastructure, clean, renewable energy sources, and sustainable food production.

While many would argue investment in military and national defense is paramount in these troubling times, it is important they also note it will not be today’s aging military technology that keeps us competitive, but the technologies of the future air, land, sea, digital, and space-based platforms that will maintain a national superpower status. We must continue to invest in all technology, or lose that unique status.