Reprogramming the Political Spectrum

Ben Garves breaks down the political spectrum, its history, and why we're using it wrong.


The Second Civil Rights Movement in America

Ben discusses racism, social justice, and the role that silent or implied racism plays in swaying the electorate and deciding our elections.


Where Are Our Democrats?

We take you behind the scenes to witness one of Ben's rants, as he asks where our Democratic leadership and representation is in our time of need.


Ben on Politics Ep. 5: Immigration

Ben delves into the statistics behind immigration in the United States and how it helps the economy.


Christmas Trivia - S.1 Ep. 4

Happy holidays from the Ben on Politics team!


Silent Racism and the Republican Party S.1 Ep. 3

Ben discusses the racial divide in the republican party and the concept of "Dog Whistle Racism" - the idea that you can imply racist beliefs without actually saying a single racial slur.


What patriotism REALLY is  S.1 Ep.2

Ben discusses the failures of thanksgiving to deliver on its message of a strong relationship with natives, along with breaking down the superficial ideals that have become American "patriotism".


The "-ISMS" S.1 Ep.1

This week, Ben discusses the "isms" that have been pushed by a conservative agenda over the election season - social conservativism, protectionism, constitutionalism, classism, racism, etc.