Ben Garves is a different kind of Democrat - one that believes in a balanced and debt-free government for a fair and smart Texas.


Balance the Budget

Eliminating the national debt. Social programs are the pinnacle of America's leadership in the world. We need to ensure we take care of our brothers and sisters, and do it in an efficient and cost-effective manner.


Equality and Freedom

America was made strong by our willingness to embrace those who are different than us, and our ability to compromise for the greater good. No person should be negatively affected, in body or in spirit, by any actions of the US Government. I will fight any law placed before me with intent to harm someone based on their race, religion, or identity.


The Next Generation

Education is the keystone of achievement. Without returning to world-leading success in the classroom, America will struggle in continue efforts to drive social, economic, and democratic growth around the world. This ideal includes paying teachers a fair wage, funding our public schools for success, and creating fair environments for ALL children to thrive.